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The device allows using 5 different game modes. In addition, there is the Admin mode, which allows you to add, edit, delete cards from the device’s memory. The scanner can read any magnetic cards, chips, key chains,bracelets operating at a frequency of 13.56. The kit includes 100 cards (50 cards for each team). All the cards are already stored in the device’s memory and can be used.

Turn on the power.

Select a game mode.

Menu navigation is controlled using buttons A and B(top-down) button C (back ) button D (ok)







Admin mode has several configuration modes. It is possible to delete from the memory ALL the cards. To add new cards.

IMPORTANT! When adding a new card, choose a new slot (push the button B and find a free slot). There are 60 slots (for one teams)

When adding a new card, it’s necessary to attach it to the scanner until you hear a sound signal.

Game modes.

GO FAST. In this mode, the winner is the team that scans all their cards faster than the opponent.

When configuring this mode, setting the timer and the number of cards for each team is required.

SUPPRESSION. In this mode, the countdown is ONLY for the team that first scans its first card.

FUC*KING FORCE. In this mode the winner is the team which will disable the timer. In the setup mode, it’s required to choose 1 map for each team and record them in memory of this mode. These cards will disable the timer. All other cards will trigger the acceleration of the countdown.

CONTROL POINT. In this mode, the team that has time to scan more cards will win. Each card can be scanned SEVERAL times. The interval between scanning is set in the menu.

ADD TIME. A mode that allows ADDING a penalty time to the opponent. The more cards the team scans,the more time will be added to the opponent. The menu allows you to set any penalty time.

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